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Every experience in the world comes at a price. Good careers come at the expense of time, and great lifestyles cost money. The only space that remains priceless is the experience called HOME.


To make this experience truly priceless, it is important that the spaces within a home be more than Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Living. We as Sunrise Home Solutions offer a wide choice from the world’s best home solution brands to make your home an Iconic Experience. 

Sunrise was started over 4 decades ago to provide a wide variety of tastes and budgets, home solutions that made for better Bathrooms and Kitchens. Over time, it expanded both its portfolio of brands and range of services and has become one of South India’s top collection of brands for a variety of homes.

The new millennium has seen the emergence of a New India - One that works hard and thinks global. The success at work started reflecting in the kinds of homes people embraced - Villas, luxury duplex apartments, gated thematic communities and more. For such homes, the decor had to be as international as its inhabitants.

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Sunrise diversified to set up a world class centre that housed the best brands for home solutions. Whether Luxury Bathrooms or High-end Kitchens, Legendary Bedrooms or cutting-edge Automated Living, Modular Wardrobes or Custom Flooring, the four floors of the Sunrise Centre located in the heart of Bangalore is a place one can spend hours viewing and selecting from an Experience of Iconic Brands.

These brands include global icons such as Kohler, Miele, Siemens, Lutron, Vaillant, Lunos and Hastens.  Over the past decade, Sunrise has grown from strength to strength in offering the last word in end-to-end solutions for dream homes across the country. Ever expanding into new brands and services, the experience of Sunrise, just as in nature, is one that will truly brighten any home!

Working Hours

Monday - Saturday

10:30am - 7:30pm


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